Snaju Inc. and DartNode Launch "Power Up Houston" to Support Local Businesses Impacted by Recent Storms

Snaju Inc. and DartNode are launching the "Power Up Houston" program to offer free colocation services to businesses impacted by recent storms. Keep your operations online with our reliable datacenter solutions. Apply now at

Snaju Inc. and DartNode Launch "Power Up Houston" to Support Local Businesses Impacted by Recent Storms
People survey a partially collapsed section of Conejo Malo in downtown Houston on May 17, 2024. Credit Antranik Tavitian/Houston Landing


Houston, Texas - 5/18/2024 - In the wake of the recent storms that have wreaked havoc across Houston, local business Snaju Inc., in collaboration with its cloud computing brand DartNode, is stepping up to support the community. The new "Power Up Houston" program aims to provide free colocation services for businesses with on-premises equipment affected by the power issues caused by the storms.

Responding to a Crisis

The severe weather that swept through Houston left many businesses struggling with power outages, disrupting operations and threatening their stability. As a Houston-based company, Snaju Inc. experienced these challenges alongside the community and recognized an urgent need to help. The "Power Up Houston" program was developed to offer immediate and practical support to local businesses facing these unprecedented difficulties.

A Lifeline for Impacted Businesses

"Power Up Houston" provides free colocation services at DartNode’s state-of-the-art datacenter for approved businesses. This initiative ensures that companies can keep their operations online despite ongoing power issues. By moving their critical equipment to a reliable facility with robust power backup systems, high-speed internet connectivity, and 24/7 technical support, businesses can maintain continuity and avoid further disruptions.

Community-Driven Support

"We understand the immense impact these storms have had on local businesses," said Zackary Pedersen, President/ CEO at Snaju Inc. "With 'Power Up Houston,' we aim to provide a safety net for businesses, ensuring they can continue to operate smoothly even in the face of severe power instability. As a part of this community, it's our duty to help each other through these tough times."

How to Apply

Businesses affected by the recent storms can apply for the program by visiting Each application will be reviewed carefully to prioritize those most in need of assistance. Approved businesses will benefit from DartNode’s secure and reliable colocation services, designed to keep their critical systems online and operational.

A Vision of Resilience

The "Power Up Houston" program reflects Snaju Inc.’s and DartNode’s commitment to the resilience and recovery of Houston’s business community. By offering this free service, they aim to mitigate the immediate impacts of the storms and foster long-term stability and growth for local businesses.

"We believe in the resilience and strength of Houston’s business community," added Adam Wajdenfeld, VP of Sales at Snaju Inc. "Through 'Power Up Houston,' we are doing our part to ensure that no business has to face the challenges posed by these storms alone."

Join the Effort

Snaju Inc. and DartNode encourage all eligible Houston businesses affected by the recent storms to apply for the "Power Up Houston" program. For more information and to apply, please visit or contact Snaju Inc. at

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