DartNode's 10Gbps Core Network Upgrade: A Leap Towards the Future

DartNode upgrades to 10Gbps upstream with a 2Gbps backup coming soon. Get ready for 10Gbps metered VPS and dedicated plans, plus a hypervisor upgrade for enhanced VM performance and flexibility.

DartNode's 10Gbps Core Network Upgrade: A Leap Towards the Future
Photo by Compare Fibre / Unsplash

At DartNode, we are excited to announce a significant milestone in our journey to provide unparalleled service and performance to our customers. We have successfully upgraded our core network to a robust 10Gbps upstream capacity, marking a new era of speed and reliability. This upgrade is not just a step forward but a giant leap towards ensuring that our clients experience the highest quality of service possible.

Enhancing Our Network Resilience

While our primary focus has been on upgrading to 10Gbps, we are also committed to ensuring network resilience. In the coming week, we plan to add an additional 2Gbps backup upstream. This will enhance our redundancy, ensuring that our network remains robust and reliable even in the face of unforeseen challenges. Our goal is to provide our customers with uninterrupted service and peace of mind, knowing that their data and operations are supported by a highly resilient network infrastructure.

Upcoming 10Gbps Metered VPS and Dedicated Plans

With our new 10Gbps capacity, we are thrilled to announce our plans to offer 10Gbps metered VPS and dedicated plans in the coming months. These high-speed plans are designed to meet the growing demands of businesses and individuals who require exceptional bandwidth for their operations. Whether you are running data-intensive applications, hosting large-scale websites, or managing complex networks, our upcoming plans will provide the speed and reliability you need to succeed.

Working on Hypervisor Upgrades for Enhanced Flexibility

In addition to our network upgrades, we are also working diligently on a hypervisor upgrade. This upgrade is aimed at addressing current issues with VMs and will provide us with the flexibility to add more features in the future. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures that we stay ahead of technological advancements and offer our customers the best possible solutions for their evolving needs.

Looking Ahead

The future at DartNode is bright and filled with opportunities. Our 10Gbps network upgrade is just the beginning. As we continue to enhance our infrastructure and services, we remain dedicated to providing our customers with cutting-edge solutions that drive their success. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and offerings from DartNode.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We look forward to continuing to serve you with excellence and innovation.