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DartNode Launches Innovative Hosting Services in Houston, Texas – Unveils First Point of Presence

DartNode Launches Innovative Hosting Services in Houston, Texas – Unveils First Point of Presence
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Houston, Texas, 1/3/2024— DartNode, a dynamic new player in the hosting services market and a subsidiary of Snaju Inc., today announced the launch of its cutting-edge hosting services in Houston, Texas, along with the deployment of its first Point of Presence (POP) location. This significant move marks the beginning of DartNode's ambitious plan to build a national network, set to revolutionize the digital infrastructure landscape.

The inaugural POP in Houston is a strategic step in establishing a robust foundation for DartNode’s nationwide expansion. This development is not just about geographic growth; it represents a commitment to delivering unparalleled hosting solutions that combine affordability with top-tier performance.

"As a Houston-based company, DartNode is uniquely positioned to leverage the rich technological heritage and innovation that our parent company, Snaju Inc., has nurtured since 2011," said Zackary Pedersen, President/ CEO, Snaju Inc. "Snaju's journey, from a web hosting venture to a renowned software developer for giants like Oceaneering International and Airbus Defense & Space, has culminated in the birth of DartNode. We’re now ready to bring this legacy of excellence to a broader national stage."

DartNode's deployment in Houston is just the beginning. The company’s vision to establish a nationwide network promises to bring a new level of service to the hosting industry, offering customers across the United States access to the Wholesale Cloud — an innovative, cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise on quality or performance.

This new venture is a testament to DartNode's commitment to pushing boundaries and driving innovation. With a focus on reliability, state-of-the-art technology, and customer-centric services, DartNode is poised to become a leading force in the hosting services sector.

For more information about DartNode and its services, visit https://dartnode.com.

About DartNode
DartNode, a subsidiary of Snaju Inc., is a Houston-based provider of premier hosting services. Leveraging the legacy and expertise of Snaju Inc., DartNode is committed to delivering high-performance, cost-effective hosting solutions, starting with its first POP location in Houston, Texas. This marks the beginning of DartNode's journey to build a robust national network, bringing unparalleled hosting solutions to customers across the United States.

About Snaju Inc.
Founded in 2011 by Zackary & Don Pedersen, Snaju Inc. has evolved from a web hosting provider into a leading software development company, serving industry heavyweights. With a focus on innovation and quality, Snaju Inc. has paved the way for DartNode’s inception, setting new standards in digital infrastructure and hosting services.